Lauren Grant is the Pastry Chef and owner of Sweet Lavender Dessert Truck, which she described as a simple, yet sophisticated on-the-go culinary experience. This up and coming pastry chef hopes to tickle the taste buds of many with delicious one of a kind offers such as her lavender Creme Brulee. 

With a passion for baking, the 26 year old graduated from The Restauraunt School at Walnut Hill College with a B.S in pastry and has worked in local bakeries for several years before branching out on her own. Lauren is known for her dazzling wedding cake designs, cupcakes and cookies. For Lauren and Sweet Lavender updates, follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.​


Our mission is to set the new standard by creating unique and decadent dessert that appeal to more than 1 of the 5 senses.

Our goal is to provide a delicious experience as sweet, simple and unforgettable as lavender. We consistently provide warm and superior customer service, and customer satisfaction is our goal. We have committed to our family of employees a respectful and learning environment where everyone can flourish.